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10 reasons for using social media

Although using social media can be scary at first, once you realise the benefits, you'll wonder what took you so long! Here are 10 reasons for participating in social media to benefit your business

1. You will build your digital visibility and online presence

2. Customers will see you and engage with you in a new way

3. You will take part in the conversations that are already taking place about your organisation, products and brands...and have the opportunity to shape the agenda

4. You will address the questions and concerns your customers have about your products and services - which are being asked anyway without ypur participation

5. You will build knowledge about your customers and what motivates them to buy

6. You will build a customer community around your business and brand

7. You will identify and interact with the key influencers in your marketplace

8. You will have the opportumity to manage your reputation

9. You will demonstrate to potential customers that you are human and care about their world

10. You will direct prequalified prospects - with whom you have already established a relationship - to your website, so that you can engage in business

'Realise that the Social Media Success Equation isn't big moves on a chess board, it's little moves everyday that eventually add up to a major shift'

Jay Baer

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