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Case Studies

Case Study 1
Talking about Chocolate

Thinking you need to do a quick status check for your brand on social media? Do you want to monitor buzz around an important new product launch or event? Are you just not sure what you can, if anything, learn from analysing your brand's (and your competition's) social media presence? Well, look no further.

Liveinsights recently completed a 'status check' for Thorntons chocolate, monitoring buzz around their brand in during one of their key trading periods of the year. We focused on the chat happening on Twitter and Facebook in the run up to and immediately after the Christmas 2010 trading period, with a quick flirt around Valentines Day too.

The analytics were interesting - not only does a particular occasion, such as Christmas and Valentines Day produce buzz, but certain hero products have an important part to play too. As a bonus, using our specialist language analysis skills, we were able to demonstrate to Thorntons that consumers use different language when they talk about Chocolates, Ice-cream and Thorntons cafes - and with some guidance and structured listening, Thorntons have the tools to be able to talk the consumers language.

If you want to understand more about how to talk in your consumers' language or find out more about our approach to online social media research contact us.

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