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Case Studies

Case Study 2
How Speedo can make a splash in Social Media

OK, so when you hear the name Speedo, what springs instantly to mind? How about if I mentioned it is Speedo weather, or wanting a Speedo tan?

If you are like 88% of the people who talk about Speedo in cyberspace you will now have a vision (good or bad) of a man in a little red number.

Before we did a global landscape sweep for Speedo, the company knew that the iconic Speedo brief was a strong brand image, but even they didnŐt realise quite how much it dominated online chat and comment.

Because our global sweep took in more than the Speedo brand, looking at competitors and brands operating in non-competitive but similar markets we were able to demonstrate how implementing a more structured conversation in Social Media can help to harness the existing buzz around Speedo whilst giving a voice to other products in SpeedoŐs substantial product portfolio

If you want to learn more about what you can do with your brand to make a splash in social media or find out more about our approach to online social media research generally contact us.

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