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Case Studies

Case Study 3
So what is a Luxury Vinyl Tile then?

Do you have a brand or product that you find easy to talk about and describe to industry insiders but almost impossible to engage with the end-user about? Or a brand that you've marketed for years in interesting and attention grabbing ways but things have moved on and you have a suspicion that consumers are talking in a different way about your products or services?

Karndean approached us because they wanted to identify a consumer vocabulary for Luxury Vinyl Tiles - that's posh floor tiles to you and me. They knew that the term Luxury Vinyl Tile probably didn't do their products justice (even if any customers out there actually know what one was) and they wanted to utilise our specialist language analysis skills combined with our expertise in Social Media research to help them start a dialogue with consumers.

So we went straight to work, sweeping the flooring landscape (if you will pardon the pun) to build a dictionary of consumer friendly flooring words and descriptors. It didnŐt take us very long (about 5 minutes!) to discover that consumers don't have a definitive vocabulary for artifical hard flooring or Luxury Vinyl Tiles for that matter and were often struggling to articulate themselves on blogs, forums and review sites. Fortunately they did say enough for us to answer the project objectives and following a workshop we ran with Karndean, the marketing team now have a thorough understanding of when and how to use a blend of functional, sensory and category language that actually means something to their consumers

If you want to know more about how we blend our language analysis skills with our social media research expertise contact us.

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