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How to join the conversation

As we move into an age where listening to customers is becoming more important than asking questions, and engaging in conversation is taking the place of market surveys, knowing how to speak the customer's language is becoming more important than ever.

We know that customers will be much more likely to engage with brands that they feel are on their wavelength. But this is easier said than done! A recent survey by Alterian suggests that despite the phenomenal gowth of social media, as few as 6% of companies feel ready to engage in one-on-one conversations with their customers online.

Why is this? It appears that the main reason is 'fear'

Fear of saying the wrong thing

Fear of negative repercussuions

Fear of not being able to keep up with the ongoing dialogue

Fear of finding out the truth!

Liveinsights helps brands to:

Build rapport with your customers on your own social media platforms in a way that gets messages across and gives customers the feeling that they are being listened to and valued

Spread the word further and gather and make sense of unsolicited feedback from open public communities

speaking the
customer's language
the influencers!
the liveinsights
team can help