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From the beginning, life at home revolved around Art. Even though my father worked in Hollywood doing animated films, he has always had a studio at home where he paints. My mother is also a painter and both were prolific and very much part of the California West-Coast Art Scene of the 1950's and 60's, and when not attending film festivals, both exhibited regularly in various galleries and museums in and around Los Angeles.

In 1969 we moved to Europe. As a child I had always painted and drawn. With two studios in the house, there were always plenty of materials to play with and the freedom to do what I wanted. It took several years at art school and travels and meetings with remarkable inspiring people, before I decided to make painting my career.

For the last 32 years I have been exploring life through painting. I have taken many paths and directions, testing all the waters with my few skills and knowledge, painting everything and always pushing myself to go further, hoping to discover a new formula for painting.

I knew from way back that I wanted my work to be abstract, but I disciplined myself making myself develop all areas of painting before allowing myself the ecstacy and bliss of letting it all go. What I didnt realise is that there is no letting go and that this way of painting is the most difficult of all. There is no subject in front of you to guide you, you have to guide it through your mind and it has to work visually.

I can't always get across what I really want to say in my work, but when it does fall into place, it's an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, like cracking an impossible enigma.


I never know what's going to happen when these paintings begin. It is like they are part of a life force that is their own and I am a mere spectater guiding them in the right direction with colour and the paint brush.

It's essential for me to be in a different zone to be able to tune into this work, because the painting needs to be spontaneous and yet it all needs to be exact and function visually. These works are contradictions, because they are extremely difficult to do and take time and its my job to make them look like instant satisfaction and freedom. A little like Russian roulette with the paint brush. One stroke can make it, or destroy it.

What I would like is to present my vision with the spontenaety and strength of street art, but getting my message across without words, letting the colour and position of the paint become the force that replaces language, making you walk away taking something with you, like you've seen something amazing for the first time that no one else knows about.


  • Parsons school of Design, Paris, France 1980-82
  • Cleveland Institute of Art, Lacoste, Vaucluse, France 1982-83
  • St.Martins School of Art, London, 1984-87 B.A.(Hons) degree
  • Worked with sculptress Ruth Franken in Paris, 1982
  • Worked in the Dali workshop, Barcelona, 1983

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